Free counters!Pass_IT_on_RGB_72dpi.jpgSTOP PRESS : Mr Butterfield, Mrs Tina Mitchell, Mrs Hazel Thorby, Mr Ron Penny and Mr Colin Hanby to visit school assembly on Monday 23rd May they will be accompanied by Year 6 children around their old school. These children will help them record their memories using USB microphones, photographs and text. Later the children will help them to assembly films using Photostory 3 and Audacity to remember this visit. Keep an eye in this site for their upload.
Colin Hanby is helped to remember his childhood at Kinson School

Tina Mitchell having some help with her memories in The Kinson Hub

During the assembly the 'Pass Memories On Team' will teach the children how to help their parents and relatives, if they are past pupils, add their memories to this Wiki.

Kinson Primary School children to help Bournemouth Community Care create an Opening Film for their new care home in Draper Road and memories films to help residents keep their brains active.


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